Bob Stambach

I have known Ann O’Brien for many years and am supporting her in her re-election bid for the Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board.

Ann has always been a straightforward person who thoroughly researches issues and makes well thought out decisions based on real facts.  I have always found her to be fair with everyone, she balances the needs of multiple parties involved in any situation, and does her best to assure that everyone has the best possible outcome.

Her perspective on education has consistently put students first.  She’s adept at making sure students, teachers, staff, and everyone involved in the educational system gets the best treatment possible.

Keeping Ann on the DVUSD Governing Board will assure that the hard work she’s put in for the last four years will not go to waste, and that she’ll have an opportunity to continue to build on the foundation she’s built during her current term on the Board.

Vote for Ann O’Brien!


Marc Sapp

My wife and I have two little girls that attend school in the Deer Valley Unified School District, so the school board members who make decisions on the education they receive is a big deal to us. In my opinion, it is important that the leaders we elect to make decisions on behalf of parents to benefit our children are men and women of integrity, that they work hard on behalf of the students, and that they demonstrate good stewardship of the hard earned tax dollars they are doling out. I have witnessed first hand the dedication Ann has to the students, teachers, and the community overall. I am confident that Ann O’Brien is the right person for DVUSD Governing Board. 

Myong Covert

For the past several years, I have had the immense honor of working with Ann O'Brien as parent volunteers for the Deer Valley Unified School District.  As we served together, I was incredibly impressed with Mrs. O'Brien's dedication to our children's education and the staff that work at DVUSD.  There was always a sense of altruism to Mrs. O'Brien's volunteer work. Then, Mrs. O'Brien was elected to the DVUSD governing board and her tireless work for our children's public education, on a larger platform, took on an even more profound mission.  

As a governing board member, Mrs. O'Brien has exemplified dedication and commitment to ensuring our children's education as well as supporting our teachers.  Being an elected official can be a challenging role yet again and again Mrs. O'Brien has carried herself in a professional manner and conducted herself to the highest of ethics. It is clear to anyone who has spoken with Ann that she is a governing board member who will take DVUSD to higher levels of excellence.  There is not a hint of self-promotion or personal agenda for her gain and applaud these virtuous qualities mightily.  

Recently, Mrs. O'Brien and I were at high school teacher meeting.  She came into the meeting quietly and listened with great interest the subject being presented.  When there was a break, the principal wanted Mrs. O'Brien to stand and being the very humble, not attention seeking individual that she is - she hesitated until finally convinced to be recognized.  This example tells everything about Mrs. O'Brien's character, humility and her self-effacing manner; she does not seek acclaim for her and the elected position she holds, rather Mrs. O'Brien strives ardently to build relationships with administrators, teachers and students to help their voices to be heard.

We are in dire need of more elected governing board members like Ms. Ann O'Brien, who are beyond reproach and seek avidly to take our DVUSD forward - for our children.

Kevin Hopppe

We are experiencing a pivotal time in education for DVUSD and the state.  It is vital we have strong leadership and experience to guide us through these transformative times.  Ann O’Brien has been a calming voice and expressed sound judgement when the district has needed it most.  At a time when there is a lot of white noise surrounding the true issues which impact our childrens’ education, Ann always puts what is best for the kids and our district first.  We need Ann O’Brien on the Board more now than ever.