As a parent of two Deer Valley graduates, I’ve seen first-hand the need to invest more dollars into our classrooms. We need to make our students the top priority when it comes to investing our resources, and that starts by putting more dollars in the classroom. In my career as a businesswoman, I’ve learned how to make sure every dollar my company spends is used in the most efficient way possible. I have the experience and expertise needed to manage your taxpayer dollars and direct those resources to the classroom, where our students will benefit the most.


For too long, teacher salaries in Arizona have consistently ranked in the bottom 20% of the country. This puts our state at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining talented teachers, which hurts our children and our communities.  The status quo is no longer acceptable. As a Deer Valley Board member, I will lead the fight to increase salaries for our current teachers and ensure Deer Valley can attract new and qualified teachers.



Elected officials must be transparent and held accountable for their votes and actions. Taxpayers have the right to know how and why elected officials are spending their money and if they are using those dollars to improve their community. When elected, I will always be available by phone or email to discuss issues with constituents. I will prioritize bringing different stakeholders together to work through complex issues that affect our students and find transparent solutions that work for everyone.


Deer Valley schools should be investing in classrooms and programs that can provide tangible results and improved student outcomes. We should constantly be evaluating and examining how effective the programs we invest in are preparing our students to enter a competitive workforce. As your Board member, I will advocate for program funding that produces real results for our students.